GAIL CUTHBERTSON -  ( Bobbi- dog - crossbreed ) scotland

​johns first connection with Bobbi was excellent with lots of information, john picked up on his difficulty with movement which is very relevant as he has quite significant hip problems, bobbi had a past injury to his leg and john was absolutely correct with which leg. we also have just started going caravanning and Bobbi has told john all about this.

​Bobbi,s answer to questions about him travelling in a van where certainly linked to information we have been provided by the RSPCA.

it was after johns call- in discussion with my husband that all the pieces really fitted together, Bobbi's behaviour was very unusual after the phone call, he wouldn't sit down and was barking and agitated for about an hour, john mentioned that Bobbi was quite anxious about the call.

​( Yana - dog -  crossbreed )

​John was able to give some quite specific information and confirm issues relating to her emotional state and shed light on Yana's behaviour and how she feels about it, I think it certainly helped to give me confidence that the way I am supporting her is the right way to go.

​A lot of the information john has given me I have passed onto the charity that found Yana as it may be very interesting to them, I felt that John was very genuine and cared about what he was doing, he has the right mix of professionalism while being down to earth and accessible.



      DAWN L  ( Maverick - cat passed )

      Northwest Ohio - America

​      ​You hit on some very interesting points

​      things that nobody

      would have known.

​      Thank you.

LAURA,   scotland

​I was surprised that john made a connection with my dog as she doesn't really like strangers, john was definitely in communication as he had the measure of her character, I found this very informative in alerting me to several health issues that she has, and made me much more aware of how she is feeling and john explained how I should listen and talk to her.

​john has a lovely calm way of talking to you so he shouldn't have any trouble when


with animals.


LYNN VALENTINE - ( Marag & Flo - dogs ) north scotland

John is the dog whisperer extraordinaire,! He communicated with both of my dogs.

​At first I was a wee bit sceptical but the results were amazing.

He described both very different dogs to a tee, one of my dogs I have had since a pup and the other since he was four.

​I could not believe how accurately he summed the two up without ever having met them.

​I received reassurance, help, and a few

laughs about the dogs ​all via john.

thank you

JUDY RICKER ( Charlie - spaniel ) north Carolina. America

​Your insight about Charlie's

joint problems are spot on 

​thank you.


​     KAREN MEADOWS ( Boris -boxer dog )  America.

​     ​Thank you so much - it was correct and extremely

     fascinating -it was definitely worth the wait,

     I would sure recommend you

     if you need a referral. 

​​​Cherise Jacobs -​ ( Jax )  California,  America.

​your communication gave me goose- bumps ,thank you so much, your gift is so amazing, I am just in awe over this, Jax mentioned that I should close the outside door of the house, and he also felt lost without his collar, I left the house door open and Jax ran out and a coyote took Jax away, I found his collar the next day.

         ​​​BUCKET BASLO - ( Jack- spaniel dog ) Istanbul Turkey.

​Thank you John a million times - I will read your   communication about my Jack over and over again

VIVIEN GARDINER - (Toni - chimpanzee )  south England

​John carried out a communication with a chimpanzee who I know quite well and visit many times, The chimp is in a sanctuary in Spain.​​ John picked out his character very well and was able to describe the chimps environment and relationship with the other chimps, He described his sleeping quarters, his outside area,

and the chimp physically,​ John was totally accurate as the chimp had various physical

deformities and is the lowest ranking in the group.

 ​RONNIE  - Cat

​John also done a communication with a cat that I know very well. He picked up his character very easily and

was able to tell me about the relationships the cat ( Ronnie ) had with his brother and sister.

​He was spot on about his daily routine as well and john told me exactly where Ronnie went

during the day which matched our environment.

​I can highly recommend John - he's very accurate 




    Thank you very much - I was rather emotional after reading it, I want to

    thank you for your words and your communication with Harry, it warms

    my heart to know that he visits me,  Thank you for your time,

    it truly does mean so much to me

​​CATHERINE GIBSON - ( Tiega ) Rottweiler,  north scotland

​Having correctly identified Tiega's character, John went on to tell me the answers to various questions he had posed to her, and almost everyone made complete sense to me, He was very accurate in telling me her back ground and all her little mannerism's, even telling me that her best friend is a very small dog, john described Tiega as a macho girl, this is a very accurate description.

as we often called her macho girl.

John has a lovely gentle kind manner. and presented the results of his communication with Tiega

in a very genuine way and found him to be very accurate, I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to him

and would happily consult with him again.

LISA YATES  ( Nellie -  lab- x guide dog )  Indiana, America

​I cant begin to thank you enough for making me aware of Nellies level of discomfort - the early stage of cancer has been diagnosed- the vet increased

her pain medication which has helped so much that she doesn't need her wheelchair. thank you from the bottom of my heart

​​ROBIN DUNBAR   ( Aggie-Mae,  dog - passed ) North Carolina, America.

​My husband and I are stunned, the universe has truly blessed you with an incredible

gift,  your kindness will always hold a special place in my heart, helping us

with our tremendous loss goes beyond words.


     FIONA  ( Pluto - dog )  Gold coast - Queensland - Australia.

     ​I cant believe you described exactly how he slept on our couch, he was in that position

     every night, I had tears in my eyes reading it - as It surely sounded like him, you have made

     me feel much better.

     I would love to use you again soon.  -  thanks again.

SHEILA HAMILTON ANDREWS   ( Sabre - dog )  England

​Johns first​ ​​connection was excellent, John is the first communicator to be able to connect with sabre, he perseveired in a gentle manner and slowly gained sabres trust, he described sabres character and emotions accurately.

​As a result of the communication john was able to explain why sabre becomes

anxious and stressed at times and was able to provide some formerly unknown

background, ( sabre is a re-homed dog )

​John has a wonderful empathic yet professional manner which

makes talking to him very easy


Johny Brunton

LYNN ROSS ( Monty - dog - passed )

Victoria, Australia.

Thank you so much John for Talking to Monty, it took me a little while to be

able to read your

communication as I

couldn't see for tears


​    ​​KANNAN  RAGHAVAN ( Zulu - boxer- passed ) Singapore.

​    Thank you once again john. It was amazing to read it -

    Brought tears to our eyes,

​     May you be blessed for what you are doing.

    MARY MAIREROA   ( Saphie - cat )  New Zealand

​   The reading is just wonderful and it looks good to - it means

    a lot, ​ I think you nailed it spot on - lots of it

​    I understand to a T.   you are gifted.

​   Again thank you so much the reading is wonderful.