​It is a harrowing story about Mr Nobody and his passing broke my heart, I just could not let his life end needlessly, the sad part of this is that Mr Nobody could still be with his family today, if he had been micro chipped he could have been back home - right now.  If this story helps just one animal to get micro chipped and find their way home again after they have got lost from their family - then my work here is completed,  and Mr Nobody didn't go through pain and heartache for nothing.

When finding lost animals with Animal Communication alone - ​The further an animal gets from their home the more difficult it is to get them home again, I will give you a scenario of what I mean. - ​Imagine that someone took you from your home and put you in a car and you where then dropped of in a city that you did not know,  ​you have a phone with you so now you phone home and try to explain where you are, you might be able to see the street sign or shops or a river or woodlands, but where are you, without asking someone you would not know.

​Now imagine you are an animal in the same city, your phone is an animal communicator - what do you tell the communicator, the animal cant read signs, he can say that he can see a river and woodlands and shops and anything else that he can see, but where is he. he just does not know where he is.

​also he can be in a different place ten minutes from now, and  his emotions are all over the place,  worried - scared- terrified.

​When i use  my Advanced dowsing techniques combined with animal communication my results can be very accurate anywhere in the world - i have found lost animals that are around the other side of the world from where i am and accurate to a few metres.

I have trained in advanced Dowsing Techniques combined with Animal Communication to help find - lost - missing or stolen animals with accurate results - Techniques that have been handed down to me from a master dowser and  combining Animal Communication to these techniques i maybe able to find your lost animal for you. 

For a short time there will be no charge for this service - My Techniques to find animals are becoming more and more in demand, when demand is to high - then there will be a charge.

Johny  can help  to  find  your

​Animals  can be very good at describing their surroundings  and if they are in an area familiar to them or to you then it is so much easier to get them home and see their happy face again. lost animals and finding lost animals is what i can do.

​​​​​​​ ​lost  animals 

​​​​​​​​If you would like more information on contacting your lost animal please contact johny by email.      lost animals - finding lost animals

​       john@animals-talk.com 

​​It is traumatic - it is devastating - the worry - the stress - the panic, for you and your animal that is missing.

​The photo of this poor dog that you see on the left is so sad, I am going to call him " Mr Nobody " because nobody wanted him and his family had lost him  - he may have been lost and travelled many miles away from his home and family - then found himself in a shelter home not knowing anybody and because of the way he looked with all the scars and cuts he gained on his travels - no one wanted him - with his spirit and his heart broken  he just wanted his family to walk through the door and take him home and love him forever-

but that never happened, the very least he wanted was someone to show him some affection - that never happened either -  his family did not know  where he was.

​                                     NO ONE CAME    -  now he,s gone -