If you would like me to communicate with your animal friend, please just contact me through the form opposite and I will get straight back to you. 

If you would like an emailed communication  = I will send you a completed transcript of the communication by email.

I can also do phone communications or by skype if you prefer.

There is a menu opposite were you can put some questions concerning your animal, this in turn will produce more questions from me to your animal, initially I will connect with your animal and get to know their personality and issues.

Please send a clear photo of your animal so I can see their face, tell me their age,  and area or country where they live.

you can also contact me by =

      There is no cost for any communication - no payment needed.

​​​​              Johny  Brunton  Animal Communicator

     ​Contact   Johny - I am here to help you and your animals


  email = john@animals-talk.com

  tele    =  07933267067