​Communication  With  Animals

​     If you would like Johny to show you

    how to communicate with animals on

    a one to one personal level or in group

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​​​​​​​I would like to explain to you how communicating with an animal takes place.

​Firstly it's all about the communicator lowering their thought level to that of an animal, animals don't think like we do - we worry about tomorrow, we get wild with things that have happened yesterday that have gone wrong, we think about what we are going to do today, Animals do of course think of yesterday and

today and tomorrow just as we do, but they don't worry and get upset by it.

So when we have our thought levels low- not thinking about anything, at the

same time we must quiet our minds and get peaceful - almost a peace of mind, it

takes practice but we can all do it. when we have a peaceful mind and quite

thoughts we are in the here and now, or as it is commonly known- 

the present  moment - when we are in this present moment there is a band of

communication that can take place with the animal you are trying to

communicate with, this communication can come in - feelings, emotions,

pictures, words, thoughts​, sometimes its like a video playing with images being

shown, it is up to the communicator to interpret or listen to the animals

thoughts and feelings.

​The communication can be done with a photo in front of you, having never met the animal, this can be done whatever the distance, an animal just around the corner or on the other side of the world, it can also be done with the animal right by your side.

​Its then up to the communicator to interpretate  these feelings, emotions, pictures, words,

and thoughts into a way that the animals human friend understands, this all takes practice

and a lot of dedication but we can all do this, we used to do this naturally when we where very young, but as we grew up it just got forgotten, so lets get it back.