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As with any bereavement the death of a much loved pet can be devastating and an ​enormous loss,

to most people your pet may have become a member of the family - a companion -​ a friend​-

and if you were close to your pet it is normal to have the reactions to their loss​ that you may

experience in the death ​of a person, sometimes even much greater then the loss of a person,- shock

-disbelief- numbness- anger- pain- hurt- sadness- guilt and overwhelming grief it can almost be like

​a torture to you and eat away at you and can then cause health issues.

It can be hard for others to recognise the extent to which the loss of your beloved pet may be affecting

​you and it is not uncommon to hear people say " it was only a dog " you can easily get another one, as with any bereavement it is important for you to have someone to talk to who does understand exactly how you are feeling and what the loss of your pet has meant to you.

​It may be particularly difficult if you were in the position of having to have  your pet put to sleep and that is a heartrending decision to have to make,

​But when the time does come and you have to make that decision shows the  enormous amount of love you have for your pet and the ability you have to put your pets care and wellbeing before your own thoughts of loss. When a pet that we love is ill and suffering - there is no other choice but to make the decision to  have their life ended with dignity and humanely to end any suffering and I am most sure that your pet would understand that, and the love that you showed them by having to make that decision.                                                                                    

I remember only to well - the very moment that the vet put the euthanasia needle into the paw of my faithful old friend  " Rocky " and more recently to my  Rottweiller girl " Shadow " they both looked at me and they trusted me - and now they are gone.

​These images will always stay with me even though it was many years ago for Rocky ( 2009 ) and only months ago for Shadow ( 2016 )

The house felt different and indeed it still does and there is still a hole in my heart to this very day that will never heal. and that grief is felt in homes all over the world every day, there are 27 million pets in the uk alone, with pets in 4 out of every 10 homes, all of these pets will eventully die just like us but many will have such a shorter lifespan.

​Some die suddenly - others go into a decline, and many pet owners go through the horrible process of making that decision of having to put their animal to sleep, some animals go missing and they are never found, maybe stolen- never to return, -- so much tragedy.

People that dont have a pet often dont understand the immense mourning that a person can experience when their animal dies,  " you can always get another " we hear that all to often. pet bereavement

​You probably know the moving " Rainbow Bridge Poem " that is on this page and you may have given someone a sympathy card with it on, it is a popular poem.

​Some people have family to talk to and help each other but some people live alone and lack someone to talk to,  even if you have family - the pain is intense it is absolutely brutal, and it can be so difficult for young children to come to terms with the death of their companion.

Johny  Brunton Animal  Communicator

​​If you feel that you are in need of help        after the loss if your animal friend, please contact a - pet bereavement counsellor

​in your area.

​John is a Qualified  - Pet Bereavement Therapist -

​Qualified  through the - Centre of Excellence - with  Distingtion

​​Give yourself time to grieve and remember your pet in whichever way helps you - talking - writing - looking at photos of them, Some people find that they want to get another pet but don't rush into this as you will need time to come to terms with your loss, it might be something that you regret doing too quickly, but if you are ready to get another pet and you have a lot of love and caring to give to another pet and give them a loving home- then that is a lovely thing to do when the time is right for you, and of course we are all individuals. i an a qualified- therapist - in - pet bereavement

​Our animals would want us to be happy with the rest of our life, they would want use to remember them with good happy memories and if you get another animal to love then they would be happy with that as well.

​Just don't feel pressured by anyone to get another animal until you feel that you are ready.

According to a survey pet owners in the USA take 8 million days of due to grief at the death of a pet.

​One in four pet owners were to upset to go into the workplace when their pet died - and many of those that did go into work after the death of their pet said that they were unproductive.

​79% of people responding to the survey said they did not think their boss would be sympathetic, and the only way they could get time of work was by pretending to be ill.

​This tells us the scale of suffering people face when their beloved animal dies.