I have a real passion for helping animals and their human partners through animal communication,  and I would be delighted to help you to.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Hello and welcome to my page, I am Johny Brunton, I am a professional animal communicator, I also work in animal behaviour and I have trained as a Reiki healer. animal specialty services, except veterinary lost dog

​I live in the Highlands of Scotland near some lovely and beautiful Lochs and Glens and  mountains and forests that go on forever, living in this area are wild dear, golden eagles, highland cattle, wild cats, otters and many more species,​they became part of my daily life, but never did I even think that one day I would be able to communicate with all these animals as well as all our domestic animals to.

​To be very brief - how I got involved with animal communication was when my dog a Doberman called Rocky died in 2009, I was heart broken- completely devastated, my whole world fell in, never have I felt so much pain through my body, pain of missing him, I never felt so bad even when my father died, I even sat down and wrote a book about his life and all the things that we done together and how he died.

​Then one day I read about a woman who was an animal communicator, I had never even thought about animal communication in my whole life and knew nothing about it, I decided to contact her and see if she could contact Rocky to find out if he was ok and ask all those questions that we all want to know - is he ok, is he near me, did I do the right thing - I was a bit sceptical about it at that time and I decided not to go ahead with the communication, I thought that she might just tell me things that I wanted to hear, although now I know that nobody becomes an animal communicator just to tell people what they want to hear. ​I read that it may be possible to learn animal communication - my first thought was - maybe I can learn this and contact Rocky myself, and cut out the middle man - so I decided I would try to learn animal communication so I could contact Rocky myself, I went on a basic one day course to learn, and the day that I was on the course it felt to me that I was being lead to this point, even now after I have become an animal communicator it still feels like I was lead to this point - I believe that it was my destiny, and it took Rocky to show me, maybe that was his destiny, but on the day of the basic course I came away from the course not making any connection- even after a few months of practicing I got nothing and I really was just about to give up, then I received a feedback from a lady that I had done a communication for - I was in total shock and I was on a complete high at what she told me.

​I could not believe how much I got right - I was on cloud nine - that gave me all the encouragement I needed, so I practiced for years and improved tremendously - but I still could not contact my Rocky even though I could communicate with other peoples animals- I needed to get to another level of animal communication, so I went to Europe,s most well known teacher of animal communication-James French, where I was taught powerful techniques,

​I studied and refined my skills for a further year - connecting with animals that have passed over - lost animals - lost dog- animals with health and personal issues - and helping animals and their human partners to understand each other better, as well as people just wanting to know what their animal was thinking. 

At the end of the year I had to be tested - I took exam assessments on animal communication with professional animal communication assessors  from different animal disciplines - veterinary surgeons - animal behaviourists - animal welfare - animal trainers, the pass mark was a very high 90% - my pass was 90% to 98% accuracy.

​A whole new world of animal communication opened up for me and yes my " Rocky" as well - I can contact him when ever I wish now, he has shown me what he is doing and where he is, he has even shown me things about his life before he passed over - things that I just did not know about - things that I always wanted to know about.

​There came an obvious point when I knew that I could become a qualified animal communicator, but in the beginning it was just for me and Rocky, but communicating with animals and their humans and seeing how it made them feel and telling them things that their animals wanted to let them know -  and to see them become closer to their animals - I realised that I could not just keep this wonderful gift to just me and Rocky - so after completing my training and qualifying - I became a qualified professional animal communicator, I have also studied animal behaviour, some people call it dog whispering, I am also a Reiki healer first degree. lost dog

​That is the short story of how I went through my journey to become an animal communicator, and there is only one "person" I wish to thank for setting me on this wonderful journey and that is my Rocky, I absolutely believe that I am here to help animals and their humans to become closer togeather through animal communication.