​       Learn to Communicate with Animals

​  If you would like to learn the language of animal communication and discover 

​  how it can bring you and your animal friends closer together, I can show you how

​  to learn the skills so you can start your journey and communicate with all species

​  of animals. I can do this on a one to one basis or group sessions in your area.

​Scotland - Canada - America - turkey - England - Australia - Singapore - spain - new zealand

​Communicating with animals from all over the world

    Want a Communication.

​  ​If you would like me to communicate with your animal friend - if they have got lost

​  or if they have passed over or they might still be with you now - they might be a 

​  rescue animal and you don't know about their past - if you feel that I can be of

​  help and benefit to you and your animal friend - please don't hesitate to get

  intutch with me.

Johny has trained in special dowsing techniques to be able to find lost or stolen Animals

​              through-out the world with great results - let me find your Animal

                         Contact  Johny

​                    www.animals-talk.com

​                   john@animals-talk.com

​             07933267067  - 01955608463

        Animals that are lost.

​   If you have ever lost your animal friend - even for a few minutes - you will know  

​   how traumatic and how much of a panic you and your animal friend can get into,

​   It is very important for your animal that you get help as soon as possible - i can help you with     this, with my advanced dowsing techniques i maybe able to find your animal. please see my     "Lost Animals" tab​ at the top of this page..


​​​​​​​​Johny   ​Brunton        


I have helped animals with minor health problems to very serious problems, some animals have told me of their health problems and their pain and after consolting with their owners  they have taken them to a vetinary clinic where the early stages of life threatening problems have been diagnosed.

​They may tell you things that will make you laugh or cry, maybe Fido just wants a bigger bed, haven't you ever wondered what they are telling you when they look straight into your eyes, I can help you to understand them better and bring you closer together- making your relationship with your animal a truly special one.​

​​​​​​​​Animal   ​C​ommunicator

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Hello, and welcome to my page, I am Johny Brunton - Animal Communicator and specialist in finding lost or stolen animals in any part of the world , I am able to talk to animals and find out their thoughts and issues and any problems that they may have, weather it is physical or mental, maybe your animal friend is from a shelter and re-homed and you don't know their past, knowing their past can help both of you and help to bring you closer together.

​Your Animal may have got lost and you are desperate to find them, this can be a traumatic time for both of you, I may be able to help you.

​Your animals may have behaviour problems  and your not sure why this has happened all of a sudden, I can help you with this.

​I have communicated with animals from all over the world and helped their owners to understand them better.


                                   LOST ANIMALS

                                                       Communicating  with  animals and  finding  lost  and  stolen  Animals  world  wide.

               Spain  -  Turkey  -  England  -  America  -  Australia  -  Scotland  -  Canada  -  Singapore  -  New-Zealand  -  Brazil - Hong Kong    


My Communications are all free from any charge -  and you will get a completed manuscript of the communication for you to keep, - if you feel that the communication has tutched your heart and you would like to make a donation to my charity  = DRUE, this stands for  = Dobermann Rescue Uk & Europe. ​ Details of  Drue Bank Account and Paypal Account are as shown.  If your making a payment please use " Animals-talk " as your reference.  Thank you so much.